Preparing For Your New Puppies Arrival

Things to Get and Do:

​Dog Food: Purina Proplan Focus Puppy food - Lamb and Rice formula is what they are currently on. I will send you home with a small bag as well so feel free to buy the food you would like them to be on, if you are switching, or you can go ahead and keep them on this food as well. 

Pupcorn dog treats- which are available online at or at walmart

Water and food bowls

Collar or harness and a leash 

Puppy tearless shampoo - the puppy shampoo I use is from walmart and its called just add water puppy shampoo

Dog brush/comb

Toys - small plush toys are usually the favorite pick by the puppies, they also really enjoy kong balls with the puppy or peanut butter filling

Puppy Potty Mats - if you are wanting to continue using these to potty train

Dog Bed 

Crate or Kennel - I prefer crates as they can see you and not feel so alone or confined when they are beginning crate training. 

Scheduling your new puppies first veterinarian appoinment - please schedule before picking up your new little puppy, as it is required in the health guarantee and that way you are all set to go with everything before you pick them up. 

Health Guarantee Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - 

Health Guarantee Cavachon -